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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Longer In Bed (Mature Minds Only)

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en of recent times have often been victims to lack of libido and this has been a source of frustrations and anguish in many ways. It has been observed that most men don't last longer in bed and this can be attributed to several factors namely stress and diet to mention but a few. The interesting part of this whole analysis is that this condition can be cured if only the men can swallow their pride and seek medical help. The other key is in diet like previously mentioned and this is proof that this state can be arrested.
Problems emanating as a result of low libido:
In recent times, this trend of men having low libido has been on the increase and as a result we have seen a lot of social problems emanating as a result. Some of the problems that have been observed are failed marriages promiscuity within the marriage institution and the aftermath of such has been unpleasant. The first step is to come to the open and admit to having this problem and get professional help which has been made available and customized to ensure that there is adequate privacy. The sensitization campaign that has been undertaken has bore some fruits that have been impressive to say the least.
Solutions to Boost Men Libido:
What actually does it take to last long in bed? Since this is more or less a purely male area of concern, this question begs for an answer and indeed there is one. For all men above 15 years of age there are some actions that must be avoided especially in this discovery age of puberty. This is namely masturbation which has been noted as having negative effects later in life for young men who make it a habit. For men above 20 years of age, excessive intake of alcohol and other drugs could have an equally negative effect to the male reproductive organ.
Other factors that make most men not last for a long time in bed include effects of diabetes; excessive sugar intake and indulgence in narcotics in the name of stimulants not to forget intake of fatty foods in a nutshell one can categorize them as junk foods. It has been noted in the medical sphere that people have stopped eating healthy and especially men and hence the result of what is currently being observed. It is about time that people return to eating healthy a balanced diet and plenty of fluids and avoids junk for that matter.
How else can men who have this last longer in bed problem be helped? Apart from eating healthy, in some cases we see that the problem might be emanating from childhood and can be corrected? In such a case, there are remedies in form of foods and some nuts that if taken can help return the libido to normal levels.
If the problem cannot be sorted out that way then there are medical drugs that produce a lasting solution.
Depending on how you feel, you should aim to take a day or two of rest per week. Keep repeating these exercises in the same sequence until you achieve the results you want.

Friday, March 9, 2012

She Wants to Laugh With You

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 relationship between a man and a woman is subject to changes, ups and downs, heat and cold, and sometimes dullness. You can know when your relationship has become dull if both or any of you feels bored in the other's company. When this happens, a message comes across that "you're not good enough for me anymore".
Regardless of where the dullness starts from, if as a man you want to take the initiative to enhance your relationship with your wife then the best way is to make her laugh.
Make her laugh at a joke you tell, a line you pick, or if you don't think you're funny enough you can take her to a comedy show or a light romance-comedy movie. The important thing is to make her laugh in your presence.
The reason it is important to make her laugh frequently in your presence is that there is a chemical change that happens in her brain when she laughs. People feel good when they laugh, don't they? This is due to a release of a chemical in the brain when we laugh. This chemical change can be associated subconsciously with the surroundings.
Apply this to her when she laughs, this chemical is meant to be released in your presence. You are the surroundings that we want her to associate her good feelings with.
Why do you want to do that?
Simply because when she feels good around you she'll pass these feelings to you and you too will feel good in her company. But this is not all.
When you make her feel good you'll feel more confident in your relationship with her. So away from the bedroom you can satisfy her just by being around her. How magnificent this makes you feel!
With that said there is one more thing that needs to be addressed here before you go ahead and try to make her laugh. And this thing is the kind of humour you'll be using.
It's very easy to clown around her and make her laugh at you. But this is exactly what she'll be associating your personality with; a clown. You want her to laugh with you, not at you.
You want to make her laugh while you come across to her as the confident, strong, and pleasant-to-be-with guy you are. You want her to feel good and secure at the same time. No one feels secure in the presence of a clown.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 Ideas to Repair and Strengthen Your Relationship

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nyone who has ever been in a relationship knows that they are hard work. Contrary to fairy tales, people don't just live happily ever after. Like a building, relationships must be maintained. They must be repaired, built on and improved if they are to withstand the test of time.
The sad truth is that a lot of couples neglect the maintenance part of the relationship. This neglect has disastrous consequences, people take partners for granted, people don't feel special or loved, couples lose sight of the bigger picture, and they drift apart which ultimately leads to the end of the relationship.
Even though it sounds like hard work, relationship maintenance doesn't have to be. All it takes is a little consistent effort. Small gestures, activities and rules that you do consistently, consistency is the key.
There are 5 relationship maintenance ideas that I hope will help repair and strengthen your relationship.
Find a reason to fall in love with your partner every day.
We know why we initially fall in love with our partners, but as we grow and change, why are we still in love? You need to find new reasons every day. Look hard at your partner, their personal qualities, their habits, things they do, find something that makes you fall in love with them and tell them, "I love you today because...." Not only will your appreciation and gratitude for your partner will grow, but they will also feel appreciated.
Ask your partner about their day and LISTEN.
After a busy day, people want to be able to vent their frustrations, share their victories and share the experiences they've encountered and like everyone else, they want someone to listen. Ask your partner about their day and listen to whatever they say, then to prove you were listening, reflect how they are feeling. "That sounds like it was a hard day for you" or "Sounds like you enjoyed your day". Now that they told you about their day and you've listened, your partner will feel validated and worthy. In turn they ask about and listen to the aspects of your day.
Spend quality time with your partner.
Quality time spent with other is important. It helps to build relationships and allows people to grow closer. This is also when we learn about other people. Quality time doesn't mean sitting on the couch together staring zombie like at a TV. You must engage with each other. Go out for a night date, have a romantic dinner out, share an activity or a passion with each other. Don't have a lot of time, that's ok, we're after quality, not quantity. How about you give each other a nice and sensual massage or share a nice relaxing bath together, whatever will help you to engage, please have fun!
Write love notes.
Sure, love notes can be corny, however they work. A quick little note telling your partner that you love them and are thinking about them will make them feel loved and in turn love you even more in return. It can be a quick "Just wanted to say I love you" or if you're creative a small love poem will work wonders. You could try leaving notes in hidden places that will be a pleasant surprise when your partner finds them or for today's technological savvy couple, love text messages will also work.
Give your partner gifts as tokens of your love
Giving your partner a small gift as a token of your relationship will do wonders for you as a couple. Valentine's Day was built on this concept. A gift will help to put a value on the relationship which will make it more valuable to you and your partner. After investing so much time and effort into the relationship, think of the gift as a dividend or a payout. Make sure to not do this too regularly however, it should be a pleasant surprise, not an expectation.
There are of course many more ways to maintain your relationship, which ones you use are up to you. The key to remember is be consistent. This must be an ongoing process not a one off. Also the aim is make your partner feel loved and valued, because if you don't, someone else will.

Didier Drogba and Wife

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rogba and Wife

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Your Partner Needs Romantic Texting

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n the past when you wanted to have a romantic conversation with someone, you called him or her on the landline phone. You then took the phone into a secluded area so that those around could not listen to your private call. Although a sibling was probably listening on an extension, modern technology has put an end to those days. Modern wireless phones can be taken anywhere, no one can listen on an extension, and they offer many different ways of communicating with someone. Texting has become a major method of communication since the introduction of cell phones, IM programs and all of the other modern technology.
Texting is so common, and so many people use text messaging that it has almost become an art form. This makes using text messages as the perfect way to spice up a relationship. It may not seem like it, but there are many ways to use text messages to add to your romance with your partner. The highlight of many people's day is the text that they receive from their loved ones. With the hectic lives that everyone seems to lead many couples use these messages to stay in touch and pass along quick messages. Why not make them romantic, this is a great way of setting a date. If you cannot say something romantic to your significant other face-to-face then just put your feelings in a text. There are many creative ways this can be done.
When you use these messages in a romantic way, such as sending someone a picture of a bouquet of his or her favourite flowers and send the picture in a text. This could definitely bring a smile to the face of your loved one; you may even make their day if they have had a particularly rough day at work. Modern phones make texting fast and easy so it will not take much time to improve your loved ones day. Another romantic text idea is to send love poems to your loved one. This is a quick way to let them know that you are thinking of them, and how you feel about them. Texting your loved one little love notes all through the day can keep them watching for new text. This can go a long way to breaking the routine of their day.
You can use romantic text messages in many other ways; you can send texts that tell the person how much you care for them and how anxious you are to see them. You can tell them how beautiful they are, who would not like to see that in a text message.
You can invite your loved one to a romantic dinner by sending a picture of the restaurant where you want to meet them. It could even be a picture of a place that you both consider romantic; it does not have to be a restaurant. These are just a few of the ways that you can use romantic text messages for your significant half.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Do You Establish a Relationship Trust?

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elationship trust is the foundation for any great partnership. At some age you may find that you are jaded by your experiences and jumping on board with trusting someone instantly is not easy. When you first start a relationship you should have a small level of trust in the other person. At that point, the other person has not done anything to make them seem distrustful. Learning to establish trust within a relationship despite past heartache will ensure your relationship is successful.
Be Open
Everyone has skeletons in their closet that they would rather not share. However, part of being in a relationship is sharing those deep dark secrets and knowing that the person you are with is not going to judge you. When talking about your life, be open to help establish relationship trust. When you are open about the details of the best and worst parts of your life, you are showing the person that you have nothing to hide and are comfortable sharing the smallest details. This should be the case right from the start of your relationship.
Be Truthful
Societal pressure has led many people to feel as if they need to keep secrets or curb the truth about certain aspects of their life. Whether you are just starting a relationship or have been with someone for years, being truthful is essential for relationship trust. Again, a person who truly loves is not going to shun you because they do not approve of something you say or do. When you are in a tough situation, being truthful about your feelings and how others make you feel will allow your partner to better help you.
Keep Your Promises
One of the main reasons that people are unable to establish relationship trust is because one or both parties do not keep their promises. A promise can be as simple as agreeing to go out to dinner and then cancelling for one reason or another. Even when your reason is valid, it can seem that you are unaccountable when you repeatedly cancel. Even the smallest promises should be kept, especially in the beginning of a relationship. This will help you establish lasting relationship trust.
Open and honest communication is an important part of any relationship. By making it your goal to provide a non-judgmental, listening ear to your partner you can help establish lasting relationship trust and happiness in your relationship.

Monday, March 5, 2012

5 Signs He May Be Truly in Love With You

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re you wondering right about now whether he is truly in love with you? Do you find yourself losing sleep wondering whether your feelings of passion are reciprocated? Have you started looking into the future and seeing him walking with you, hand in hand? This is very normal: love does have this effect on human beings. It is the most desired state, yet, a tricky one as well, especially during the time when we do not know how the other person is feeling. Read on to find out the 5 signs that he is truly in love with you.
1. He does "love acts".
It could be little things, like bringing you something for your headache. It could be bigger actions, like buying you something you have wanted for a long time. Don't always equate the cost of the gesture with its value: it is the feeling and thought that goes into it that counts.
2. He doesn't look around.
If he is ready to stop shopping, then he will stop gazing into store windows as well. You get what I mean. If a man truly loves you, you will be all he wants to see. 3. Is he supportive?
If he truly loves you, he will support you, he will be your soft place to land.
4. Do you feel loved by him?
This is the surest sign that he loves you. He will go out of his way to make you feel loved. He may even check in with you and ask you that question. Because his aim is that you be happy. And if he feels true love for you then he will want you to feel it as well. That would fan his male ego.
5. Is he committed to you?
He shows in various ways that you are a couple. He does things to honour you and your relationship. He is possessive of you. He speaks of children. He opens up to you. Yes, this man is truly in love with you.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Get Your Man to Stay Around

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ould you like to reignite passion with your man? Do you want your man to fall in love with you again and never want to leave? Are you convinced that it would be perfect this time around? You could be so right that you might want to bet some money on it! Here is the proof that you can convince your man to stay and make him want you like he used to.
Try these handy hints and you could find yourself in the throes of blissful love all over again!
Handy Hint #1: Be sweet.
This is easy. Avoid doing what you wouldn't want someone to do to you. That includes raking over the past, who did what, etc. and so forth. If you must refer to the past, let it be beautiful memories.
Handy Hint #2: Be silent.
Yes, you are eager to please, but stop jabbering already! Give the man the space and time to think how wonderful you are, not how garrulous! Your features will appear prettier if composed into a sweet, smiling countenance as well.
Handy Hint #3: Take up a hobby.
You can practise soccer, tennis or jog, etc. So your value goes up.
Handy Hint #4: Replay Love.
The best bits, that is. Recall what it is that really pulled on his heart strings and do just that.
Handy Hint #5: Be secure.
Have confidence that you are in a safe hand.
Handy Hint #6: Keep your word.
If the two of you have made covenants, stick with them, no matter what he does. Focus on yourself and your actions here and take the pressure off him. You just don't want to judge anybody else: people do the best they can and we can only inspire by our own integrity. The only person you can change is you, so, get started!
Handy Hint #7: Be beautiful.
Looking your best will make you feel your best.
If all else fails, pray really hard one time and then thank that the Higher will is manifested for you. Often, someone's rejection is God's protection as the leading matchmaker Siggy Flicker says. And, really, does someone need that much convincing with a person as wonderful as you? He should feel as much of an urge to replay love as you do. It is more about making internal changes in yourself that will translate into the relationship. Good Luck!