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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Magic of Listening

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ne of the worst things you can do in any relationship is to think you know everything about the other person. When you do, a little bit of the magic goes, you stop being curious about them and enchanted with them.

You stop wanting to find out what makes that person tick and start assuming that you know everything there is to know about them. I can pretty much guarantee that no matter how long you've known someone, you'll never know every inner thought, wish or desire.

Friday, April 27, 2012

How to Make a Man Marry You

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f you are finding it extremely difficult to achieve your desire of marrying your partner, you are not alone. Figuring out how to make a man marry you can be extremely difficult. Women all over are stuck longing for a ring on their finger even though their guy doesn't seem to be anywhere near taking that step. For women, getting married is the ultimate way to show your love for someone. You can discover how to make a man marry you without having to stoop so low as to use trickery or deceit. This is extremely important to making your marriage last.

Learning how to make a man marry you can be a time-consuming process. It's crucial that you realize that this will not happen overnight. You may have difficulty getting your guy to talk about the topic of marriage, or perhaps he has expressed that he simply isn't to that point in his life yet. Figuring out how to make a man marry you will require you to get inside his head, figuring out what it is exactly that he is thinking and feeling. Of course this is no easy task. You will need to ask questions while being careful not to probe too hard.

It's important to keep in mind that while learning how to make a man marry you, you must be yourself. It's so easy to get caught up in constantly analyzing everything just to achieve the goal of marriage that you turn into a different version of yourself. You don't want your man to feel like he is marrying someone he doesn't know. While discovering how to make a man marry you, it is also crucial to not let it be obvious that this is what you are doing. You do not want to trick him, but you also do not want to scare him away.

While learning how to make a man marry you, it's important that you remember to have fun with it. Being serious all the time can take the fun out of the process. Ultimately, you want to marry your partner because you want to formally commit spending the rest of your lives with one another. Gently dig until your man finally opens up to you, sharing his thoughts and feelings on the idea of marriage. Figure out how to make a man marry you today and start planning your wedding tomorrow!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ways to Make It Happen and Make It Last

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We all know where a relationship goes without trust. Absolutely nowhere. So if you want a successful relationship, you want to do what it takes to build trust and maintain it. That makes perfect sense, right? Of course it does; yet many of the techniques used to keep a relationship alive end up having an unexpected, negative effect on trust. To make sure you don't fall into these shady little traps, consider these six tips that help build trust in a relationship.
3 Ways to Build Trust
1 - Give it out to get it back. You may have wished at some point that your partner would trust you more. Well, guess what! Your ticket to getting the trust you want may lie in dishing out the trust your partner wants. Maybe you think you're the one more deserving of trust, but that's not the point. Trust is only at its best when it goes both ways, so by reaching out to your partner you show that you have the courage to take the lead.
Instead of trying to catch the one you love in a lie, try to catch him or her telling the truth. When you do, make sure to acknowledge it. Also, practice regularly assuming that your beloved is telling the truth. If they don't, you'll find out eventually; but it's better not to obsess over what may not be true. If you just have the courage to assume the best, you'll be surprised how much more smoothly things go in your relationship.
2 - Share openly. Although keeping secrets isn't the same as telling an outright lie, it is still a form of dishonesty and may make it hard to build trust in a relationship. Your significant other is the one person you should feel comfortable sharing your deepest secrets with, so be as open as possible. Do your best to share whatever is going on, keeping in mind how you might feel if your significant other withheld things from you. If you ever worry that being open will cause a problem, consider that secrets have a way of surfacing anyway and the best person to deliver the truth is you.
3 - Nurture your relationship. If you've ever had a beautiful plant that you didn't take care of, you know what happens to a relationship when you don't give it the tender loving care that's required. It withers and eventually dies. A relationship must be tended to and nurtured, which means patience and dedication are in order.
You'll find that it's so much easier to build trust when your partner senses your high level of commitment to the relationship. Wondering how to do it? Spend time getting to know your partner on the deepest levels, acknowledge the positive things they do, share new experiences together, apologize when hurt feelings are involved, forgive quickly and put each other first.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You Would Want a Man Want You

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Now that's a fascinating question. You're not asking how to make a man love you. Nor are you asking how to keep a man. What are some of the secrets about men that make them want women? That's what you're asking; and that's what will be answered. Ready? Let's be specific.

What does it mean to "want" someone? It means "to desire greatly; wish" and "to need; require." Ah, so that's what the word "want" means. Of course. A woman definitely wants a man to want her. And there are a lot of men who want women. But, what if your man doesn't seem to want you? What can you do?

Be patient. Don't panic! Nothing is lost yet. You are definitely interested in him. So far, so good. Is he interested in you? Does he follow you around with his eyes? He is trying to catch your attention? This guy definitely wants you. What if he's not doing any of this? Oh, he's not. You know this already. You want to learn how to make him want you. Okay. Don't get testy.

Listen, let's be honest. We're friends. I'm on your side. If your man is not attracted to you, you're in trouble. No attraction. No desire. What about the second definition of want? The part about need or require. That's a whole other story. Or, as they say, a horse of different color. Stay with me.

You can make him need you or require you in his life. Yes, you can. Don't fight me on this. A man can need a woman that he is not attracted to. At least, he doesn't think he is attracted to her. What does he know? Anyway, make yourself available to him. Be there when he's down even if he is down because of another woman. Be his friend. Care about him.

Cook him a meal. Treat him to a movie. Go for a long walk listening to all his stories. Ask him over to watch one of his favourite sport team play. He'll like the company and he'll especially like to teach you all about this game he adores. What a wonderful woman you are! Who wouldn't want you? You are smart, witty and pleasant to look at. You know when to open your mouth and when to keep it closed. In fact, there was a time when you wanted to... but I digress. Let's get back to our topic.

How to make a man want you?  You can succeed in getting your man to want you. Even if he's not attracted to you, he may become attracted. That's because a woman who treats a man well, who looks out for his interests and needs, is like a needle in a haystack. This kind of woman is very hard to find. Once a man finds her, he doesn't want to let her go. As long as she lets him lead the way, he will want her to come along. It's that simple.

Monday, April 23, 2012

How You Can Keep Your Man

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eing able to attract a quality man is only the beginning. If like most women, your goal is to be happily married to a man who loves and cherishes you forever, you now need to learn how to keep a man. To discover the missing pieces of the parcel that will help you capture your man's heart forever, keep reading this article...
To put it as simply as possible, the key to keeping a man's heart is to become so precious to him that he cannot imagine living a life without you in it. This means that your man perceives you to be someone who has the unique ability of connecting emotionally with him.
Love him for who he really is, and not just for the personality that he projects into the world,
It is trust-worthy enough to keep his secrets for him.
The key word to notice here is 'perceive'. Because unfortunately, many women (single or in a relationship) remain clueless about how to be perceived as such a woman. You can be the most loving, trust-worthy, kind-hearted, open-hearted woman in the world, but a man won't think so if you can't or don't communicate with him in a way that he understands. That is why despite your best efforts to ask a man what he needs, so you can change for him, things can just seem to spiral downwards and get worse.
So while I wish I could give you a quick summary of how to keep a man, I need to emphasize how important it is to keep learning, keep reading and doing your best to understand men better.
Men are truly clueless about relationships and will do all sorts of things that drive the average woman crazy. But this only happens when you don't know how to interpret men's actions and words accurately. When you finally discover and accept the REAL TRUTH about men, I guarantee your man will find you irresistible. Because you understand and appreciate him like no other woman ever has or can.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to Know If You're In Love

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eing in love is a good feeling but there are times that it can also give you problems. If you have not been in a relationship but you are currently with a guy or a girl and you want to know if you are already about to fall for him or her, then here are things to help you find out if you are already falling for him or her:
The first thing that you should need to ask yourself is if you cannot stop thinking about him or her. If you cannot stop thinking about him or her or there is never a time that you do not think about him or her, then you definitely have feelings for that person. If he or she is the first and last thing on your mind or every time you do something you think of that person, then it is definitely an indication that you are falling for that person.

If you find his or her quirks charming and instead of being irritated by it, you find it amusing, then you definitely have feeling for such person. You want to see her or his quirks and you are fascinated by it, then it simply shows that no matter what that person does, you would certainly find everything that he or she does adorable.

If you used to have an ex and you suddenly stopped thinking about your ex, then it is also an indication that your heart already belongs to someone else. Breaking up is a long healing process but if you easily moved one and you no longer think about the painful stuff that your ex did to you, then you can say that you definitely like the person that you are currently with.

If you and the person that you are always with have great chemistry, then it is also an indication that you both have a future. Spending more time with the person whom you have a good chemistry with would certainly help you to explore and nurture your feelings with such person.
These are just few signs that you might want to take a look at to help you find out if you really have feelings for the person that you are currently with. Being in love is a great feeling so if you are not sure if you are already feeling something for someone, then the tips provided would let you know how.