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Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Do Men Look For In Women

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 often hear from people who are looking to figure out exactly makes a man want to commit to a woman. Because many women have tried different types of strategies and tricks and none of these have worked. They want to know what they are doing wrong and what they can start doing right. There are plenty of things that women try when they are trying to get reluctant men to commit that are quite wrong. It is my belief that ultimatums don't work. Neither does pretending to be someone who you are not or pretending to be who you think he wants you to be. Playing mind games doesn't work either. So what does? I'll tell you in the following article.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tips on How to Get a Husband

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ow to get a husband? This is a question women have been asking themselves for hundreds and hundreds of years. Getting married is the dream of most women and men. Statistics show that married couples are happier and live longer than their unmarried counterparts.

Centuries ago when most marriages were "arranged", how to get a husband was easy. But today, especially in many modern countries, where there are 4 million more women than men, how to get a husband is not that easy. Also throw in the fact that some men just want to "play around" and never get married, how to get a husband and I mean a good husband, can be a daunting task.

Therefore here are 3 proven tips to help with how to get a husband:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Make Your Man Marry You

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ou know what you want, but wonder if your significant other wants the same thing. It just feels right in your heart and in your head, and you truly desire to marry your partner. You are ready to take that next step, but trying to determine if your man is ready to marry you, can be a very frustrating time. You dream of a life together and long to finally have a ring on your finger. Put aside those fears and frustrations ladies. Without resorting to deception or tricks, you will learn how to make your man take the next step and marry you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Do Men Pull Away?

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It can be very frustrating when you notice that your man is slowly distancing himself from the relationship or he simply acts like he doesn't care anymore. Indeed the relationship may be headed for the rocks if you notice that your man appears uninterested. However, instead of arguing about it and heaping all the blame on him, you should ask yourself, "What am I doing that is pushing him away"? The answer to this question could salvage your relationship and help you get your man back on track.

A man may totally be into you and even worship the ground you walk on but this doesn't mean that he doesn't need his personal space. It's a common fear to think that your man will fool around when he is out there, but suffocating him will only make things worse, and stir up the urge to fool around even more. Relationships are about trust and you should learn to trust your man and let him enjoy himself with his friends. Jealously and possessiveness is mainly a sign of insecurity and lack of confidence and these qualities really turn men off. It's healthy to let your man enjoy some personal space; it doesn't hurt the relationship in any way.

An unrealistic expectation is another factor that makes men give up on the relationship and literally walk away. There is no harm in wanting a hardworking man but not every man can afford to take you shopping every week or buy you a posh car. Women are fond of complaining and whining about what their man is not doing for them. It doesn't hurt to count the blessings that you already have and work hard towards achieving what you don't have. For starters, you have a man by your side, and he comes home to you every day and protects you, how many women can attest to the same?

Communication is an important ingredient in every relationship, however, women expect men to read their minds and find out what the problem is. If you want your relationship to work you will have to come to terms with the fact that men are not mind readers, in fact, they are clueless most times. Using gestures, body language and facial expressions will not work and you'll only create a bigger rift between you and your man. Someday he is bound to get tired with all the non-verbal communications and simply decide to pull away. As a woman learn to say what you mean and mean what you say, this will make the relationship much smoother.

Last but definitely not the least is sex. Men are sexual beings; it's just how they are wired. Women have a habit of withholding sex when they are annoyed about something. Sex should not be used as a weapon and making the bed cold could cost you your marriage or relationship. Strive to resolve all your differences, instead of holding deep resentment which affects the intimacy in the relationship. There are numerous other reasons that would drive a man away, it is essential to do some soul searching and find out if you are the reason why he is pulling away.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Keep Your Man Happy

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ew men will come right out and tell you what it takes to keep them happy. And most of the time it doesn't take much. A comedian had once made a joke claiming that men only need three things to keep them happy: food, sex and silence.

But beyond the very basic "caveman" types of needs, there are a few things that a woman can do to make sure her man stays satisfied.

Give the Man His Space...or He'll Take It. Many women fail giving him this most basic of needs. Ask any woman who has ever been through any kind of break-up and see if she hasn't heard the words," I just need some space."

Men need to go off and be away from the women in their lives for a while. He may just need time with his friends or he may need time alone to process what happened during the day. Let him have his time uninterrupted. It doesn't mean he's cheating on you or he's no longer interested. Buy the time he comes back from his small hiatus, he'll be refreshed and ready to find out what's been happening in your world. He may even want to take you on his next adventure. This leads to another way to keep him happy...

Keep Yourself Looking Good. This seems to be a really touchy point with a lot of women because they tend to gain weight easier than men do and especially after having children. However, men are visual creatures and looks are important to them when being attracted to a woman. Of course men like all different types of women some small and thin, some with more curves. But if a woman, regardless of her size, takes the time to look presentable, it can go a long way to helping him feel like he's special. She cares enough to look good for him and he takes notice.

These are just a few tips that will make him want to stay in a relationship with you. Before long he will be so happy around you that he will want to commit to you forever.

Monday, April 30, 2012

How You Can Get Him to Commit

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his is a question that many women are asking themselves. A man who refuses to commit is a common dating dilemma. There can be different causes for this. Maybe he wants to be more secure financially before getting into a relationship. Or he has a trauma from a past relationship. There are some things that you can do to get him to commit.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Find Out How to Attract a Good Man

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he old saying "a good man is hard to find" might feel true, even if it's not. There are plenty of good men in the world who would enjoy being in a committed relationship. In fact, more men than you realize would prefer being in a relationship than not. If you get hung up on finding the perfect man or only believe there is "one man" and "one man only" out there for you, you might be surprised to learn that there are several men with whom you will find yourself compatible.