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Friday, July 6, 2012

All you have to do is learn the secrets.

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how to find love

  Do you know how to get someone to fall for you? Do you even know there are proven, time-tested methods that will teach you how to get a man to fall in love with you? Are you ready to get married? Do you want your special man to propose because he just can't see his future without you? True love does exist out there and you can have it if both of you are truly in love with one another and you know how to make yourself available to him. You can have that kind of deep, lasting love.

Now don't get me wrong - You cannot learn how to get someone to fall for you unless both of you are truly in love. You can't make someone love you - that mutual love has to be there already. These methods are not intended to be used on someone who is not in love with you, however, if you're sure he's "the one," he loves you and you want to get him to propose sooner, then these methods will work for you just as they have worked for others. If you have found that special guy and want to marry him - or better yet, get him to marry you - then this is the article for you.

Imagine Your Life Together
Wouldn't it be great to experience the pleasure of a lasting, loving and fulfilling marriage relationship with the man of your dreams? Imagine what it will be like when you are finally together, totally into each other. There are a few couples in life who find this most rare type of happily-ever-after love. You could be one of those couples if you know the keys to making yourself available to your man. All you have to do is learn the secrets.

Here's What You Need to Get a Man to Fall in Love with You
Availability is one of the single most important things he needs from you. This is more than just spending time together, which is also important. If he knows for certain that you will always be there for him - even when he makes a huge mistake in your relationship, blows some big deal, loses a job or just has a really bad day - your man will do anything for you. He will not be able to live without you. Isn't that type of unconditional love what everyone is really looking for in this world? Make yourself available to him and you'll have a better chance of getting and holding his heart.

It's Worked for Others - It Can Work for You
Make each other a first priority. In a relationship, making yourself fully and completely available emotionally, physically or in any other way is important. In a romantic or married relationship, it is vital to the survival of that relationship. If your man knows you are always going to be available to him, to be there for him, then the bonds of your relationship will grow and remain strong.

Do you want to know how to get someone to fall for you? Do whatever is necessary to be available to them. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Healthy Relationship Benefits

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love help

Some people say that love is the answer to everything. During bad times and good times, in sickness or in times of good health, love keeps you in sync with your true self. But do you know that love can also fill you with positive energy and help you to maintain good health? True love is like a natural medicine that redeems you from the pain of living.

Natural stress-reliever: Love is extremely effective in reducing your stress levels. When one is in love and also involved in an intimate relationship, the adrenaline glands produce a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which minimizes a person's stress levels. Passionate love making relieves one from mental tension, negative energy, and also keeps you fit. Sex can help you maintain your cardiovascular health.

Reduction of pain: Love has been proven beneficial in reducing pain as it activates the part of the brain which handles pain in our body. Headaches, back pain or any kind of pain can be extracted away by love. The next time pain overcomes you, you know what to do.

Increase in blood circulation: Do you remember why your cheeks used to turn red when you talked to your crush in secondary school or had your first kiss? It was because happiness and the feeling of love increase your blood circulation. Similarly, when you are in a healthy love relationship your circulation will improve, resulting in glowing skin, better hair, and a happier you.

Increase in life expectancy: It has been proven in a study that the average single person is five times more likely to die at an early age, as compared to the average married person. It is because married couples feel connected, loved, and have a sense of belonging, which enhances their health manifolds. Also, when you fall ill and you know that someone is there to take care of you and love you then you automatically feel motivated to be better. You have the right attitude and support to overcome illnesses.

Decreases blood pressure: One study found that expressing love either verbally or physically reduced cholesterol in the body. When cholesterol is kept at a healthy level, the blood pressure remains in check. This, in turn, allows us to have a healthy and fit heart, thus, making us live longer.

Quicker healing process: When faced with an injury such as a wound, couples have been found to heal faster than single people. This is again because the blood circulation is sufficient, allowing an adequate amount of nutrients to heal the wound over time. Single people took twice as long to heal similar wounds.

Forever young: Our body releases an anti-aging hormone when we experience euphoria and contentment. Therefore, couples look young for longer, as compared to singles.

Healthy love relationship benefits us in numerous ways. Therefore, one must try to be happy and also keep their partner happy while in a relationship.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Maintaining Intimacy in A Long Term Relationship

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love help

A relationship is about the journey, when you first meet and the sparks fly you can imagine yourselves together forever.

Sweet love notes, flowers, chocolates and romance are all the sort of romantic gestures most new couples adhere to for their first dates and meet ups.

A few years down the track sometimes marriage, sometimes not. Either way you’re both in the understanding that your relationship is long term and you both feel comfortable and happy about that.

Don't blink because before you know it 5 years has passed by.

By this time you are both in a routine that works. You each know who does what in every area of your happy lives.

Happy your life is and even though you have an occasional spat at each other but otherwise most things are great. Most things are great, but some things are becoming dull, boring and inconvenient.

That thing would be intimacy. What was once passionate is now a kiss a day, sometimes a quick hug and a weekly sex appointment.
Whatever happened, it's time to rectify the issue and now!

So how do you bring back the spark and live happily ever after?

Make each other laugh. The number one rule for a happy relationship. Bring comedy to the bedroom.

Speaking of the bedroom? It's time to turn the bedroom into the love nest not a sleepy haven

Be spontaneous, don't book your loving' let the urge take over, in the morning, after dinner or when you’re out and about!

Wear sexy undies ladies, how about none at all...and let him find out.

When is the next time you’re going for a weekend away? Surprise each other and arrange everything for a romantic night or longer in a hotel. Give a massage and enjoy each other’s company. Bring chocolates and a hand written love note or poem. You don't have to be an acclaimed author, just make it from the heart.

Intimacy isn't all about your sexual relationship.

Common bonds are what brought you both together. What have you done together all those years ago, rekindle the romance and find some new common interests.

How well do you treat each other? When you wake up do you have a morning kiss and cuddle or do you get out of bed straight away? Do you have conversations or do you nag? Do you listen or do you give your opinion? Do you know the difference?

Don't let your lasting relationship go to waste, all those years and experiences you have had together, it's time to bring back the intimacy and prepare to live happily ever after.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dealing With Long Distance Relationship

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relationship advice

Long distance relationships are sometimes unavoidable. Many don't like them as the dealings with your partner are controlled by your partner. It is much more difficult to catch someone cheating on you long distance than if you live close to each other. There is the constant fear that they may meet someone new or be tempted by another in their area. And your contact with each other is short and so you have lots of time to imagine and fantasize about what could be happening to them without you. So how do you deal with a long distance relationship so that your love grows?

1. Agree on what you expect from each other. Assumption is the killer of many relationships. You both need to talk and agree on the type of relationship that you have and what it entails. Is it just a casual relationship and what does that mean? Is it okay for you to date other people and when you do date is it with your long distance relationship in mind or as an available person. Is your long distance relationship exclusive so that you are faithful emotionally and/or physically to one another... or can still casually date? There are so many relationship possibilities that you must define and agree on what it is and what each of you is required to do. Do not assume that they want the same things as you do or that they feel what you are feeling or that he/she has the self control that you do.

2. Agree on what is a relationship breaker for each of you. You are both feeling human beings and you will continue to be attractive to people until you die so agree on what both of you cannot do in this relationship. If you do what is forbidden does it mean that the relationship is over or that you just try harder not to do it? Agree on what is realistic for both of you so that you don't frustrate each other.

3. Agree on the type and frequency of your communication. Communication is key in a long distance relationship and you should both commit to a regular communication schedule based on costs and your other commitments. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing when you will talk to each other next. So minimize that for yourselves by agreeing on how, when and how often.

Relationships are based on trust and a long distance relationship often tests your trust in each other in new ways... but if handled properly it can be an excellent trust builder for both of you.

For a guide that will walk you through the process of dating online (or offline) so that you get to the point of commitment I would suggest frequent visit to this site so that you stop wasting your time in dead-end relationships... but if you want additional help in dating online then get the required mindset. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Long Distance Relationship Survival Tips

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A long distance relationship requires commitment, strong ties to each other, telling the truth and being totally honest with one another. To endure it requires two people who genuinely love each other. The type of long distance relationship I am talking about is overseas dating or international dating. This is truly a long distance relationship.

Being in this type of relationship is one of the hardest things you can do, but well worth it. Being away from someone who you have come to love can be emotionally draining but here are some tips that may help.

1. You must communicate regularly. A combination of emails, phone calls, instant messages, Skype or webcam sessions are great ways to communicate in a long distance relationship. With work, and other daily obligations, communication can be the first thing to go. Try to set up a daily routine. The best time is usually at the end of the day when you both can discuss how your day went. Even a few minutes together every day to connect and check in with each other can produce amazing results.

2. Another nice thing can be to surprise them with a call or text message about how much you miss them or love them. An occasional unexpected voice mail, email or text can go far in showing them you are thinking of them during the day.

3. You will both have to make compromises at times. You may need to forego weekend plans or stay home from a party so you can connect with your sweetheart by phone, webcam or text. When you do go out with friends or family, be sure to tell your partner what you are doing and make a point to include them in your daily activities so they have a better understanding of your life and how you spend your time. Keep them included in your life. Make time for them. Even if you have to work all weekend, make sure you connect and let them know you are thinking about them.

4. Set up a time one weekend every now and then for them as well. Plan to goof off on the webcam and talk on the phone and just talk about your childhood, funny things that have happened to you and your hopes and dreams for the future. Listen to your partners stories as well. These times are so valuable for really getting to know someone.

5. You have to trust that your partner is being faithful and committed to you. It can be hard to trust and it is perfectly natural for bad thoughts to creep into your mind from time to time. Be sure to talk this out with your sweetheart. Jealousy and distrust will not hold you together. Honesty and communication will.

6. Don't ever assume you know what your partner is doing or thinking. If you have doubts or questions about something, ask! Communicating by email is especially difficult because you cannot see the other person's face or hear the tone in their voice. You may misinterpret an email and if you don't ask about it, you could create hard or negative feelings without even realizing it.

7. Keep the romance alive by telling your partner how much they mean to you. Don't hesitate to send a spontaneous email or text. Let them know you are thinking about them. Let them know you miss them and try to always plan your next meeting so there is something positive to look forward to and talk about.

This may seem like a lot to take in but it will be well worth it when you are finally together. A couple that has survived a long distance relationship is stronger and their relationship is built on a firm foundation of communication, trust and patience. Good luck and enjoy getting to know each other one day at a time!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

You Can Use the Right Text to Make Her Happy

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One of the things that a lot of men end up messing up pretty badly is the way that they text a woman they like. It seems like such an easy thing to do. You just pick up your phone and type away and then hit the send button, right? Well, not so right if you are not sending the right messages to her. I don't want to make you over think things when it comes to sending a woman text messages, but at the same time, you can really make things take a wrong turn if you end up sending off the wrong message to a woman.

It is a good skill to have and it is useful and handy to text a woman once in a while, so you should know how to do this the right way.

Here are some tips on how to send a woman just the right text:

1) Use it as a way to make plans with her.
It's a good way to make "spontaneous" plans with a woman, even if your ideas are really not that spontaneous at all. It just kind of seems that way when it comes through in a text. Here is an example of what I mean: You know that a certain music show is going to be holding in your area and you know that you want to take your woman out to see that band. What you can do is to send her a text suggesting this as if you just heard about it and couldn't wait to tell her. Even if this is really something that you had in mind for a little while, it can seem spontaneous and that is usually a good thing.

2) Send her a text just to say what's up?
This is something that you don't want to do too much, because it can end up being annoying or make it seem like you have no life at all. However, if every once in a while you just send her a text that says, "what's up?" that can be a good way to let her know that you do think about her and it can lead to her calling or texting you back, so it's just a good little opener to have in handy.

3) Send her a text message that makes her laugh.
Let's say that you know she is going to be doing something that is totally boring. Well, it may be a good idea to make her laugh when she is doing that boring thing, because it makes you seem like the guy who can eliminate her boredom, which is always a good impression to make. So, let's assume that she is at traffic jam and we all know how boring that is. Send her a simple text that is going to make her laugh just to break up the monotony and the boredom.