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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Female Orgasm (Mature Minds Only)

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It's perfectly natural for a woman not to reach orgasm every time she has sex or during intercourse. But if you aren't enjoying sex as much as you'd like to, there are some things you can do.

Orgasms have quite a few benefits; they relax you and help you feel protected. They can help reduce cramping, relieve headaches, and I think everyone knows how they can help you get to sleep. When we climax, our body releases oxytocin, a hormone that helps us create stronger and more monogamous relationship.

It all leads to happier and healthier relationship. If you'd like to have better orgasms, these five tips can help you get started tonight!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Attaining a Spiritual Healing Will Attract You the Love You Deserve

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If your love life is an endless stream of non commitment from lovers, or the wrong person, or relationships that never last or work out-it may be due to the programming replaying in your mind. This programming is a result of what we experienced during our formative childhood years. Children who have loving and positive childhoods develop into loving and happy adults. Children who endure physical, mental and verbal abuse in childhood develop into needy, desperate and insecure adults who do not have self-love for themselves. Unless a person does get some type of therapy, those programs get worse overtime and as a result the person has a life of unfulfilled love in relationships.

As adults we adapt to these programs and find it easier to keep repeating them than doing the work to change the program. Our egos tell us we have no problem; but instead we blame the significant others in our life for causing the problems in the relationships. However, we can heal and learn to love ourselves in order to attract the right person to us. Healing yourself takes work and is not an overnight process-it is a lifelong process. However, because negative memories never completely go away-we learn how to cope with and control our reaction to the memories.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Seeing These Signs? You Could Not be Wrong!

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Men and women will continue to develop feelings for each other. It's natural regardless of class, upbringing or any other factor. But how can you tell that he is developing feelings for you? What are the signs that he is developing feelings?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sneak Into the Men's World

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When it comes to winning a guy's heart or maintaining a healthy relationship with the man of their dreams, women count on the love relationship advice offered by their girlfriends. Some of them follow their gut.

So, here is an exclusive piece of love relationship advice from a man to a woman.

Let's find out if you have some of these qualities and if not you can always try to impress your man with this love relationship advice:

Monday, July 9, 2012


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Fidelity or loyalty refers to a form of commitment to another person that is devoted and steadfast. It is not easily broken. It means keeping one's commitments forever.

Loyalty is a loving quality, and while it is an easy concept to grasp, it is one that is very difficult to live up to for many people.

Loyalty does not depend on which way the wind blows. It does not depend upon circumstances.

If you are loyal to your partner and he or she is in a disfiguring accident, it does not allow for you to go and find someone better looking. If you are loyal to someone who is wealthy and successful but who goes broke due to unforeseen circumstances, it does not allow that you go looking for someone else who is better off.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Lookout Signs He is Mr. Right

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Were you with the guy that you thought might be Mr. Right? You thought he was the guy you have been looking for that could be your potential partner for life but it did not work out. The two of you got along great and he had all the qualities you felt would make him compatible with you. Your question may now be how you can tell if the next guy is indeed Mr. Right or you are wasting your time.

There are some girls that say they knew right from the start that the guy they were with was the one and others say it took time to find out that fact. There are some signs you can be on the lookout for that will help you find the answer you are looking for.