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Thursday, February 14, 2013

There is a hope of love for you

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Are you struggling with getting over a recent breakup and NOT sure how you are going to deal with Valentine’s Day? Do you worry about seeing your ex out... or even worse, do you already know he's got plans with someone else, while YOU stay home and mope? The truth is, while the holidays are often festive time for many who are in love, there is a dark and depressing side to many traditional celebratory days that is painful as well.

As an emotional intuitive empathy, I can tell you that there is something FAR bigger going on in your life, and the world around you than most of us recognize.
There is an order, a structure and a story that is unfolding for ALL of us, and a spiritual reason why what you are experiencing right now, no matter how painful... is actually something that will lead you to grow long term.
I believe that each of us comes into this life with a specific set of lessons we are here to learn. Every problem you face, every heartbreak you feel, every conflict and challenge and obstacle that is put in your way, is actually a karmic opportunity to leap frog your current level of enlightened awareness... and move into a more spiritually advanced state.
That person that may have just broken your heart MAY be giving you an incredible gift of growth that will open new doors to bigger and better things.
Or - that person who broke your heart may be learning something that THEY needed to learn themselves, and you are giving THEM the opportunity to experience an emotion that is critical to their own spiritual growth.
First, there is NO better way to overcome sadness and heartbreak than through helping other people. 
Talking to others and sharing how you feel is VERY therapeutic.
Empower yourself by putting yourself in places where you can't help but be happy, have fun and enjoy the energy of others.
And stop being self critical - and blaming yourself, or wondering what you did wrong, or trying to replay past events to see how they might have turned out otherwise, if you chose different decisions.
The truth is, your life is unfolding EXACTLY as it's supposed to. Waking up to that fact is very empowering, and the easiest way to overcome any heartbreak or hurt there is. (It's all temporary, and in the end... where it matters most, you are a beautiful being of light and love).
Lastly, help others. Feel grateful for all of the GOOD things you have in your life - and allow yourself to feel immense gratitude for the good (and let the small sadness slip away). Seek out others who have things far worse than you do... and you'll find yourself awake and inspired to move ON with your life... and do the work you are HERE to do (including finding the one TRUE love you'll have forever)!
You Deserve to Be Happy. Your Future Begins Today.

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