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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


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By Barr Godson Nwachukwu

How prepared are you to embark on this journey?

A married man was travelling in an air craft and was wearing his wedding ring on a wrong finger and someone noticed and said "Sir, you're wearing your ring on a wrong finger". The man responded, “Don’t worry; it is because I married a wrong woman".

It is not because he married a wrong woman; it is because he did not prepare for the marriage. The marriage you don't prepare for, will confuse you when you get there. It is preparation that determines your experience. People prepare for everything except marriage. Some spent 5yrs in high institution studying RATS and LIZARDS but when it comes to a more serious business like marriage, they think that they don’t need to prepare.. All they have to do is to find someone they love and get married. As you make your bed, so will you lie on it. You don’t learn to shoot gun in the battle field but you learn it before the battle begins. There's no accidental fulfilment in marriage. If you're going to enjoy fulfilment in marriage, then you are going to prepare for it and there is no better time to prepare than now you are single.

I want to congratulate you because you're single. Celebrate your singleness. Being single is not a disadvantage. You are not under a curse because you're single. Don't think that someone has bewitched you so that you will remain single. It is a lie from hell. Life is in phases, men are in sizes. So many people don’t know what it means to be single, so they are in a hurry to get married. Every phase in life, prepares you for the next one, and being single is the necessary thing in life that should prepare you for marriage. I have a good news for you. It is better to be single and believing God to be married than, to be married and praying to become single again. So take time to celebrate your singleness. There are so many things you will enjoy as single but you wouldn't when you marry. You can keep late night or sleep outside at will but you can’t do that when married. Your time as a single is a very unique season that God has given to you and it is primarily for the purpose of preparation for marriage. You don't prepare IN marriage, you prepare FOR marriage.

So many people are having ugly experiences in marriage today, including Christians' couples. Not because there is anything wrong with their partners but they never took time to prepare themselves. They thought marriage is all about following your heart and finding a partner. Preparation for marriage begins with you. It is all about you. 80% of your being happy in that marriage will come from you. Most ladies prayer is to marry tall, handsome, Holy Ghost filled and Naira loaded men. But that is not all there is to marriage. Every successful and fulfilling marriage is a product of adequate preparation and the best time to begin to prepare is NOW that you're single. Don't say," I'm not thinking about marriage now until I finish my studies" or "until I finish this project." In short that is the main reason, you should begin to prepare. If you know how serious marriage is, you will need to prepare now. If you wait until you get married before you begin to prepare, then it will be too late. This is the best time to prepare and get ready. Don't think that all you need is to be acquainted with that person and get married. Some got married like that and after few days, the woman looked at the man and say, “I never knew you are like this". And the man looked at her and say, “You’re the worst thing that has ever happened to me in life". All these because, they never took time to prepare.

When some say, they are preparing for marriage, actually what they are doing is preparing for wedding. There is a different between wedding and marriage. Wedding is a matter of few hours, marriage begins just after wedding. Whatever is your preparation will begin to speak after your guest bid you, "Happy married life" and go. Wedding is an initiation into marriage. The success of your marriage will be on how prepared you were for the marriage. Remember, you don’t learn how to shoot in a battle field. You learn it before the battle begins otherwise; you will become a victim instanter. So all so, you don't prepare in marriage but you prepare for marriage......

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