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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Knowledge as a Key to Success in Relationship

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By Barr Godson Nwachukwu

Just take it honey, it's nothing to worry about

In relationship, as in anything else, knowledge is the key to success. Ignorance is dangerous. Lack of knowledge is the fundamental and most frequent cause of failed relationships. Many marriages fail or otherwise fall short of reaching their full potential because the couples never learn what marriage is really all about.

The marriage relationship is a school, a learning environment in which both partners can grow and develop over time. Marriage does not demand perfection but it must be given priority.

During courtship and engagement it is easy and customary for the man and the woman to try to impress each other by showing only their best side- always looking right, dressing right, and acting right. It is after the wedding when their less attractive and less appealing qualities show themselves. When that happens, it can be quite a shock. Each person begins to see in the other things that he or she never dreamed existed. Success in marriage is not built on love but on knowledge. Love most of the time leads to marriage but knowledge sustains it. If we know what marriage is all about; if we know that men and women are "wired" differently, reason differently, behave differently, there would not be divorce in our society. Those who clamour for divorce once loved themselves, but lacked knowledge of what marriage is all about even when they take the marriage vow, which is "For Better and For Worse, till death..." If they know what this vow means, they would not clamour for divorce no matter what.

It is knowledge not love, that will make you relate with your spouse as you ought to, to eliminate conflicts.

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