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Monday, March 31, 2014

The role of Intelligent and Emotional Quotients in relationship

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By Kingsley Paul

Stop shouting, hear each other and try to find out the truth
Research has shown that persons with high Emotional Intelligence or Quotient (EQ) possess higher Intelligence skills than those with high Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Emotional Intelligence is the ability to assess and keep your emotions in check than allow them rule you. Emotionally Intelligent persons are in control of themselves with better self esteem as a result relate well with others. They are conscious of their emotions. They can be able to control their emotion excesses. Since they have good self esteem, they don’t need people all the time to validate their convictions. Attitudinal problems resulting to poor human relationship is a product of low EQ. 

In a situation where you hear a story without facts that could be a blackmail or propelled by selfish motives without first of all trying to analyse critically, you start reacting irrationally could be attributed to low Emotional Quotient (EQ). Persons with high EQ will normally reason differently, check his/her instinct (because some instincts give false alarm and some are blind) and carry out private investigation to arrive at the truth of the matter. A high EQ person doesn’t believe whatever that is fed them rather they believe the truth! High EQ involves the ability to go with your thinking first. Persons with low EQ allow their emotions control their thinking ability; they act first to realise the best action that should have been taken. 

Persons with high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) are the very brilliant ones that can process and analyse data speedily to arrive at a solution. Having a high IQ does not automatically translate to a high EQ. Someone can possess high IQ but with low EQ and vice versa. High EQ people are the most associable because of their good human relations leading to ability to handle issues. So in relationship, even if both partners are of high IQ but with low EQ, there is bound to be sparks and fire. In some cases you find a tiny problem that can be resolved without the next person hearing about it, a partner or a couple with low EQ would over-react to the extent the issue escalates. Though some individuals are seemed to be naturally disposed to high EQ, it’s also a skill that can be developed overtime. It takes putting yourself in check; how you react to situations and issues. Try to make use of your thinking faculty first. This however requires much discipline to consolidate. 

Blessed is the couple or one with a partner with high EQ. Such home surely will be peaceful.

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