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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Communication in Relationship should be a Lifelong act

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Continuous conflict is the mark of a relationship that is no longer working. There can never be peace in a conflict situation even if the partners pretend that nothing is wrong.  The sources of conflict may be distrust, value clashing, negligence, etc., but will worsen as communication gap widens, this leads to the inability of the spouses to communicate their fears.

When both partners have concluded that their relationship is not worth it anymore, crises will deepen. The truth is that any troubled relationship can be rescued; the exception is when a reconciliatory move is only coming from one partner. It requires the willingness of the partners involved because when one gives up, the other is likely too.

Communication in relationship should be a lifelong act. We must keep talking to be in relationship. Communication ensures the growth of a relationship otherwise you will move further apart. Watch any distressed relationship. They had stopped talking and no longer making any effort to talk.

If you don’t talk to feel the minds of each other, certainly there would be distrust and misunderstanding.

Any relationship that lacks faith and trust from the onset will have wide communication gap and may never recover.

If you find yourself in a difficult relationship now, you need to give yourselves a second chance. Forgive yourselves and rise above your pride and apologise when you need to.

Remember when you don’t talk, trust will wane and what is relationship without trust.

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