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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Secrets that will keep you together when you are distance apart

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Long distance should not mean the end of your relationship. Your love affair can still be kept strong even with some distance between you. This time, your relationship might seem impossible from some perspectives, actually it requires loyalty and patience to be sustained.

Some factors can work against long distance relationship even with the most loyal and patient person. The truth is that it stands as much chance to survive like proximate relationship according to many studies.

If you find yourselves in a long distance love affair, the following secrets might help you. You have to make sure you talk daily. Thanks to the digital era, you are presented with communication options. Before this time you should have agreed on the best way and time to keep in touch. For the maximum benefit of your chat, it should be when both of you are free to relax and express yourselves. Since you might have been kept apart by studies or work, don’t "bust" in when your partner is busy working or studying unless if you must talk to avoid a boring conversation. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to interrupt their activities.

Communication can be aided through internet skype or webcam chat.  It surely must be fun having live video conversation daily if you can afford it as it requires fast internet connection and high volume of data bundle. In addition you can excitement by creating videos and taking photos of your daily activities and share them through the internet exclusively between yourselves. All these will give you the feeling that your partner is just an inch away from you.

Spontaneously, send e-cards that will reflect your sincere thoughts towards them to sweep them off their feet. If You can (though not mandatory), just to add spice, also send post cards and love letters using the traditional way of sending letter especially now that a registered mail can get to its destination fast. Imagine receiving such mail from a very far distance partner and thinking of his/her effort to keep your relationship. Don’t you think they will live in your heart? I think so.

 Your schedule of activities for a month should be made known to your partner. This will make them feel part of you and will prevent doubts and jealousy. Any sudden change will also be made known to them immediately to carry them along.

Since touch and intimacy that is important part of relationship can’t be found this time, you have to schedule to meet once in a while but if the distance is too far for such meeting, the anticipation of coming together someday when the programme might have ended or one joining the other will be comforting.

If doubts and jealousy arise, it should be addressed immediately calmly. There would be no point nagging. Never accuse each other what you are not sure of. Maturity and understanding will help keep you together and happy as well while you are distance apart for some time or period.

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