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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Do you support your partner?

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Supportive partners

Supporting your partner, what does it mean to you? Is it not protesting when they want to do something? Standing by them 100% in whatever they are interested in? Or ignoring them totally until they relinquish their plan? Though your reaction and level of support might be directly influenced by what the subject is, you still will be able to support your partner based on reason.

If many couples are asked if they support  each other, most are likely to say yes. But do they really? It depends on what you understand by ‘support’. If you support your partner, you will endeavour to be there for them in all circumstances.  Even if you don’t agree in what they are interested in, that doesn’t mean you do not support them any way. After all, it’s important to your partner.

There are different ways to support. For example, if they are interested in a particular hobby, even if you are not interested in that same hobby hence it is important to your partner it should be important to you too. You have to support them in the hobbies that make them happy. It will be selfish of you to only support what you are interested in. As long as what they are interested in is not harmful to them or detrimental to the relationship, why not back them up!

You have to support your relationship very well. Like being there for the other person, consoling them when they do not have a good day, taking care of them when they are home sick, these are all supports.

Support should be unconditional. That is your willingness to back your partner without being mindful of what you stand to gain. He comes back home late and she massages him. She has had a bad day and he is there to bring her to good mood.

When you show your partner support, they will be much more willing to reciprocate. As long as you are behind them, no matter what, and you are genuine in supporting them and don’t need to be coaxed, then it is natural that the same strong level of support will be given to you in whatever area.

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