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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How safe is cheating with a married person?

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There will be a showdown here

Dating a married person can be heartbreaking and dangerous. Most married people involved in extra-marital affair may be having trouble at home or a similar situation.
Despite the reason, most of them will not leave their partner so easily for their illegitimate lover after having bonded for many years especially when children are in-between. There is a risk of intense pain associated with cheating with a married person if you are also married. Imagine being torn between two lovers.

Heartache results from a failed relationship as far as you are deeply involved. The one you are deeply involved with is married and there is nothing you can do to salvage the situation because it was not meant to be in the first place.
A married man for instance will tell you what you want to hear. So even a fling is more likely to result in grief than with a single person. At the end someone gets hurt. If there are kids, it causes harm to them as well.
Even when the bubble bursts that may lead to a divorce, if they are given an opportunity to choose, most will go back to their partner. Few that will choose their illegitimate lover might likely end them up in a sorry state, if they reconcile you are out in the cold. This will cause more pain than you can imagine having lost out on both sides. So cheating with a married person can cause you everything you love.
In case you are thinking no one will find out, they do. You don’t know how fast the "walls can pick information". Their partner knows and they will make life miserable for you. They threaten with fire and brimstone and their partner works out on you. Someone must get hurt in a love triangle! The resultant pain doesn’t go out quickly. When people gossip around, you feel stigmatised!
An insanely jealous wife will cause you more misery than you could endure. When you are cheating, you are just preparing for the worse.
It might be easy to get involved with a married person but remember the price.
For one who desires to be in a relationship, make sure it’s a single person. You are going to be much more at peace.

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