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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rebound Relationship can’t be real

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Emotional pain that comes after break up is not something one can wish for. In a world that true love is hard to come by, millions pass through this every day. As a result some suffer deep depression that degenerates to physical and mental sickness while others may recover quickly and move on.

People in this kind of pain would wish it never happened. They may choose to get involved with someone new to wipe out the resultant pain. This is rebound relationship: when you are trying to forget the one who broke your heart and get involved with a new intimate relationship in what feels like love. If there is a resemblance you may want to hang in there with the hope that the feelings of touch, kissing, hugs and the associated attention will erase completely what you are passing through. In this type of situation it may take time to come up with something genuine, knowing their likes, dislikes, temperament or such might likely be considered. Actually it takes time and the right move after break up to find genuine love.

A rebound relationship comes with infatuation, a temporary escape of the feeling of pain. In your hurry state, you make hook up with someone very terrible or luckily nice.

Some get into another trouble in a rebound relationship, may be with another person with the attributes of heartbreak while others will get their share of emotional pain, after recovering, they pull out or reconciled with their ex.

Rebound relationship comes with its grief because it was not meant to be in the first place unless on a rare case that it clicks.

Rebound relationship may deceptively looks like love but it isn’t actually. 

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