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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Signs it’s your soul mate

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Between soul mates, there must be a strong affinity and shared values with strong emotional bond. They seem to have unfinished business before. Soul mates relationship is an extraordinary mating of two souls.
There may be signs that you have met yours.  What could have been better anyway?
The signs:

They tend to respond to same stimuli in a mannerism that mimic one another. They have response of mirror image to the same story. It’s like discussing with one partner after having discussed with the other and expecting a different response. You will be amazed the answer will still be same even though they had not known that you have talked to both of them at different times.
They have the same frequency of commitments and share the same passion with the same goals
You find unspoken communication in them. It’s like one knowing already what the other is about to say. They are very tuned into one another.
They have a shared deep bond. They can detect when something is wrong like when their mate is in danger or ill and needs attention.
Soul mates were never strangers from the onset and surely will recognise one another at the first meeting
It is very difficult for them to let go. They are star crossed lovers and seem to have sacred agreement.
They instinctively trust each other. The issue of cheating will not arise. Divorce will never hang around their environment because it won’t get in.
As soon as their paths crossed, intimacy is immediately evident. They share the deepest thoughts, the same dreams and a real desire to make each other happy. They will surely have good sexual relationship.
Once a partner of soul mates dies the other has a tendency to join him or her soon. Their journey on earth comes to an end once one leaves.

However some will never meet their soul mate in a lifetime. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a mate that will make you happy and that you can build a lasting and rewarding relationship. Of course you can.

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