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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Check if he is husband material!

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What a good thing to know he is husband material!
Today’s people fall for appearances. And sadly that may be the main reason for rising divorce statistics. We may be so captivated by good looks, clothing and the mode of dressing, sweet words and some fancy acquisition like cars that we completely sideline character traits of a person. Sometimes we are so charmed by the way someone looks, we don’t seem to care if that person is honest, self-disciplined and controlled, and considerate. Inner beauties can make a happy marriage that’s why you should focus on knowing the person inside than being swayed by the outside beauty. What do you look out for in husband material?

His relationship with his parents

A man’s good relationship with his parents will naturally lead to a good relationship with his wife. Growing up exposes a child to emotional experiences and teaches us how to treat others. We acquire this from those we live with such as our parents. In childhood, you learn how to obey and respect your parents and it teaches us that we will not always get our way, and that sometimes we will have to give in for the sake of peace and harmony. These are good character traits that go with you into marriage.

Therefore a man that is respectful, thoughtful and considerate of his mother and father will also be that way with the woman he marries.

Good relationship with God

You will not know if a man has a good relationship with God by what you see or by what you hear him say. People can pretend to be what they are not for some time; eventually true character does come out. Going to church, wearing a cross or praying aloud does not signify his good relationship with God.  These can be done to appear good. Wait and be patient, you will find out who he is really. A man who has a good relationship with God will exhibit Godly qualities in his behaviour. Some of these wonderful qualities in husband material are gentleness, selflessness, meekness, temperance, humility, self-control, faithfulness and sincerity.

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