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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fall in Love and Remain in Love

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World of Love
What happens after your wedding? Can marriage be exhausted with time? Maintaining romance in your marriage requires energy, devotion and being there for each other through bad and good times. Let’s examine three lighthouses to look out for.
Talk: Talking must be fought for and preserved in your relationship. Make sure it does not wane. This aspect of communication is very important. I mean small talk, chats-talking to each other. The man should be free to communicate what he has done or his feeling without fearing repercussions or that it might be misunderstood that he is blowing his trumpets. He can always count on her support and understanding. If you must be away for an important reason, make sure you hear each other’s voice every day.

Touch: Sometimes you see a baby crying their heart out just to be touched. The baby wants to be held and petted. That basic, primitive act, I mean human touch, real contact must be needed. Adults need this physical contact as well. They need to cuddle together for warmth, reassurance and comfort in an indifferent, cold world, almost loveless world. Couple must do this to each other. Touching each other will help their minds and hearts as well. And you know what that does; it stabilises, comforts and heals. Do whatever it takes to stay connected so that your spouse can feel loved, secured, cared for and respected in the relationship.
Need:  You are in their life because you are needed. Others like friends, employers, business partners, acquaintances may swear they need you. But as far as they are concerned, you are replaceable. To your spouse you are not replaceable at any price. Having someone special will flood you with the sort of feelings and self esteem you need to meet the world every day. It feels great to know that you are number one in someone’s life.
Partners unite and make effort to grow because they know they are on a ‘boat’ journeying together against the world. A wonderful marriage is a blessing that spills into their children’s lives.
 A love that lasts becomes a love story.
Successful marriage is a story worth sharing.

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