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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sure METHODS that will make him lead you to the altar soon! Don’t forget to share your testimony with me!

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You have been with your man for a very long and come to believe that he is the right one for you. Your relationship had passed through ups and downs nevertheless, it’s doing well. Now you are thinking of both of you going to the next level but the man is dragging or seems to not yet ready. You are confused as what could be the reason of him not eager to upgrade your relationship status. Are there ways that can make him propose? Let’s see.

You can make it happen without looking like a desperate and pushy woman through the following methods:

One of the ways to get him to propose is to subtly drop hints once in a while. Blurt out something like “we will make a good marriage”. From time to time, tell him about your friends who got married especially your common friends. You may also talk about common friends or relatives who just proposed or got proposed to.

When you deliver such topics, don’t try to market yourself. Put emphasis on how lovely or funny the proposal was. You can digress a bit on how you would like to be proposed. Use low-key and make it as realistic as possible.

Let’s go to the next. Ask your man how he feels about marriage. This is to find out his fears about marriage and try to address them one by one. Never try to address all of his commitment fears at once of which you will fail and may even end up pushing him further away.

If he didn’t yield to this, don’t worry, you can make it happen other ways to make him propose. One of which is by showing him what an ideal wife and mother you can be. Take care of him when he is sick, give him a relaxing massage after work or cook a delicious meal for him.

Your aim here is not to look like your man’s mother; you should at least aim to resemble the person who he lived with for almost half his life. So show him a side of you that is able to nurture and care.

This particular next method will make him keep coming back. Always make his memories of you as fun and enjoyable as possible. After all who will like to go back to where he always comes out with sadness or unpleasant memories?  A man will base his decision on how he feels about you when thinking of proposing to you. So don’t forget to pile up as much happy memory in his subconscious mind as you can if you want to start considering taking your relationship to the next level. Those memories will surely be popping up in his quiet times thereby propelling him to long for more.

Finally, make marriage with you seem non-threatening. As you may be aware, some men see marriage as a maximum security prison. They feel that their freedom is going to be taken away from them. The strategy here is, don’t be strict with him while dating so he doesn’t feel he will be caged when he settles down with you.

Don’t mark his movement now and then. Allow him to go out with his friends if he is the type. At some point, you can even surprise him by hosting him and his friends. Once in a while you can initiate going out with you and have some fun.

This will change his wrong perception of marriage and make him believe that marrying you will not take his life away from him. Thus, he might be considering the idea of proposing and marrying you. To make him overcome his fears of marriage is one the best ways to get him to propose, but you have to do it slowly.

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