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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Check if he is husband material!

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What a good thing to know he is husband material!
Today’s people fall for appearances. And sadly that may be the main reason for rising divorce statistics. We may be so captivated by good looks, clothing and the mode of dressing, sweet words and some fancy acquisition like cars that we completely sideline character traits of a person. Sometimes we are so charmed by the way someone looks, we don’t seem to care if that person is honest, self-disciplined and controlled, and considerate. Inner beauties can make a happy marriage that’s why you should focus on knowing the person inside than being swayed by the outside beauty. What do you look out for in husband material?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fall in Love and Remain in Love

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World of Love
What happens after your wedding? Can marriage be exhausted with time? Maintaining romance in your marriage requires energy, devotion and being there for each other through bad and good times. Let’s examine three lighthouses to look out for.
Talk: Talking must be fought for and preserved in your relationship. Make sure it does not wane. This aspect of communication is very important. I mean small talk, chats-talking to each other. The man should be free to communicate what he has done or his feeling without fearing repercussions or that it might be misunderstood that he is blowing his trumpets. He can always count on her support and understanding. If you must be away for an important reason, make sure you hear each other’s voice every day.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sure METHODS that will make him lead you to the altar soon! Don’t forget to share your testimony with me!

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You have been with your man for a very long and come to believe that he is the right one for you. Your relationship had passed through ups and downs nevertheless, it’s doing well. Now you are thinking of both of you going to the next level but the man is dragging or seems to not yet ready. You are confused as what could be the reason of him not eager to upgrade your relationship status. Are there ways that can make him propose? Let’s see.

You can make it happen without looking like a desperate and pushy woman through the following methods: