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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Connecting with your man emotionally

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They are emotionally connected

When you talk about male emotional intimacy in relationship, is it of much importance to men or are most men simply just interested in sex?

Building an emotional connection with a man is what this article is all about.

Do men crave for emotional intimacy

It is misconstrued that men are not interested in having emotional intimacy in a relationship. Most women assume that men accept intimacy and emotional bonding for the sole purpose of keeping a woman happy.

The fact is that men do actually want intimacy and to build an emotional connection with their women in their relationship. They crave for these things as much as women do.

Many of the leading relationship experts now believe this to be true. Once when you look behind the macho persona, you will notice this fact.

Any woman, who sees this herself, will understand how the male mind works in relationship. It is an added advantage in building the type of relationship she desires.

How does a man achieve emotional intimacy in a relationship?

How a man builds emotional connection happens in opposite direction to that of a woman

·         A man can reach a point of emotional intimacy through sex.

·         A woman needs that connection and intimacy before she wants to have sex with a man.

This creates problems. Often women assume that men are only interested in sex particularly in the early stages of a relationship. On the other side, men can also assume that women are not interested in them or are sexually cold

The middle ground may be missing here. How does a woman move forward with a man she likes, or emotionally strengthens the relationship she is into currently?

Building the connection with a man

The answer to this lies in striking a balance.

Men who actually want a relationship with a woman are not in a hurry to pressure them for sex straight away.

The woman should also not send a wrong signal to turn him off.

The trick is to provide a connection with a man by showing him the real you and allowing him get to know you. If he likes you, that intimacy will build subsequently.

Other problems you may encounter

The variation of emotional connection in male and female can create a headache in a relationship, particularly in the early stages. For example:

·         In the absence of developing emotional connection or an existing emotional connection feels, gets lost, a woman may often feel that the man is pulling away. This will touch the panic button of the woman and causes her to tend to nag thereby pushing the man even further away.

Suggested pattern of building an emotional connection with a man

1.    Let him see you for who you truly are.

2.    Allow a heart connection to develop.

3.    Then sex can come in.

If you proceed in that order, then once you reach step three, the emotional connection will flourish rapidly to form the basis of a very healthy and loving relationship.

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