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Monday, February 9, 2015

Your size and the best sex positions. For the married! (Mature minds only)

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Penis health can be helped by a healthy sex life. Unfortunately, many men are not comfortable with what they have underpants. Most men who worry about the size of their manhood are worried that they are too small. These men don’t even know that they fall within the average range.
Men who measure below average should not worry much about in the bedroom, since the first few inches of the vagina are highly sensitive and the right positions can deliver great pleasure for both partners. Those who are endowed with beyond average penis size may actually suffer a disadvantage with their partners, as tremendous length or thickness can pose difficulties when attempting to penetrate and/or thrust.
Whether thick or thin, short or long, the following guide will help men learn the best positions for their penis specification. Average men in some ways have the advantage in the bedroom, since most positions are comfortable and pleasurable for both partners. But there are plenty of options for the more or less endowed to spice things up.
A man with a long penis needs to be careful not to slam up against the sensitive parts deep inside his partner. While any position may still be possible with a long penis, some partners prefer the woman on top style, controlling thrust depth. She can ride with her torso perpendicular to the man or lean over him with her hands to the sides of his head. Mix up the standard woman-on-top position with reverse cowgirl, or by sitting on a bed while the woman goes for a ride. Women who don’t like to be in charge can opt for missionary with the legs close together, limiting penetration depth.
Men with notable girth need to be careful not to overstretch their partner’s sensitive skin and organ walls. Plenty of foreplay or lubrication is needed here. In order to accommodate a thick member a woman can spread her legs apart in various positions, whether they are making use of rear entrance or missionary style, this opens the vaginal canal wider.
A short penis can provide plenty of pleasure to both partners. Some of the most gratifying positions are rear-entrance and its many variations, including the partner lying flat on her stomach, propped up on her elbows or with her chest and head pressed to the mattress and buttocks in the air. The key to a deeper feeling is for the partner to keep her legs tight, squeezing her thighs together. (Robust women will need to spread their legs a bit more to allow for deeper penetration.)
Just like a short member, is for the partner to keep her legs close together. She can do so in nearly any position – man on top, woman on top, standing, rear-entrance, etc. Missionary can be spiced up by pulling her legs straight up in the air; the man can hold them together at the ankles in front of him. For extra tightness, she can cross her ankles or knees. The partner can also kneel on a bed facing the wall with her legs together while the man enters from behind. Get creative.
Along with the knowledge about optimal positions, practising proper penis care is a crucial component of a healthy sex life.
You are advised to include Vitamin C which supports blood flow, to your diet or as a woman reading this, to your husband’s diet. Underlying diseases like high blood pressure, diabetics, heart problems, ulcers etc., should be dictated and treated or managed, for a desired result.
You can achieve a healthy sex life!
It wouldn’t be right engaging in infidelity jumping from person to another. Think of the risk of contacting flying diseases like HIV/AIDS and other STDs or probably getting someone pregnant or being pregnant for someone not your husband which will bring you shame and disgrace. Condom can’t give you a 100% guarantee for it may leak or burst. Sticking to your partner alone is always the safest.

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