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Friday, July 17, 2015

Better sex for couples; last Longer (Mature Minds Only)

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The desire to last longer time in bed is a common one among both men and women.  Partners who are interested in this should learn some tips about how to last longer in bed – provided that both partners’ expectations are realistic. If one or both partners place unrealistic expectation on the man’s ability to achieve long sex duration, then performance anxiety can set in and further disrupt sexual pleasure. Since sexual intercourse is an important act in relationship (emphasis on committed relationship or marriage), couples should know not only tips for lasting longer, but facts that dispel common misconceptions about a man’s staying power as well.

1.   These are facts. There is a notable difference between what people want in bed and what they can reasonably expect (without proper preparations). Let’s look at these bits of information:

. A cosmopolitan magazine survey of more than 2,500 women found that more than 70% said their desired length of intercourse (from penetration to male orgasm) is over 10 minutes, with most saying 15-25 minutes.

- The same magazine surveyed about 30,000 men and found that, on average, they want longer sessions (including foreplay) to last 35-40 minutes.

.The truth is that the average man can handle 3-7 minutes of continual thrusting before ejaculation

Clearly, you can see some of people’s expectations around sex are unrealistic – at least unless they adopt some methods to lengthen the duration of sexual intercourse. Many men don’t have the problem of short time duration of sex – only 2.5% of men suffer from premature ejaculation, which is defined as finishing within one minute.  Couples need to understand that lasting for a short period of time is completely normal, it’s not a man’s fault and they can learn how to lengthen their sexual encounters.

2.   Proper training is key. There are a couple of exercises men can do to increase their control over ejaculation time. One is to perform kegels: this is done by contracting the muscles that control the flow of urine through the penis. This exercise is also known to strengthen erectile function; 3 sets of 15 repeats spread throughout the day are sufficient to make a difference, and they can be done anywhere if you have the discipline to achieve that.

Physical exercise can be helpful since it would help in proper circulation of blood to your system. Modify your diet; avoiding junks and eating right. Any good step that will increase blood flow to the groin will be beneficial since enough flow will improve the quality of erection. But make sure that the underlying sicknesses that hinder proper blood circulation or flow to the genital areas are cured or properly managed.

3.   Though the speed varies. Remember 3-7 minutes of continual thrusting is the normal time it takes for a healthy man to finish. If both partners are fond of jackhammer style of sex that is fast and constant, it won’t be reasonable to expect much longer from a man. Therefore when he is about to come, he can take this cue in cooporation with his partner to lengthen their activity.

4.   Try the “7 and “9 method. The 7 and 9 method dictates a more structured approach to varying speed. The man thrusts fast 7 times, then 9 times more slowly and repeats.

5.   Have mid-play. A man can maintain both penile and vaginal stimulation without thrusting in and out. When he is about to come, he can pull out and rub the head of his penis along the woman’s labia and the opening of her vagina. He can even use the tip to stimulate her clitoris. The parts mentioned are very sensitive.

6.   Thrust shallow. Along with varying thrust speed, the depth can be changed to extend duration. While stimulation of the top of the shaft and head is still immensely pleasurable, it may bring about ejaculation slower than full engulfment of the organ. Also, shallow thrusts are the best for hitting her G-spot, so she won’t be likely to complain. Classic doggie style with shallow thrusts may be great for a man’s ability to control thrust depth and hitting the G-spot.

7.   Be more in the moment. Avoid the race to finish quick mentality. It can be hard to delay that immensely pleasurable moment; sometimes people let go unconsciously despite the desire to last longer. Men can try to shift their perspective from seeing sex as a means to orgasm to seeing it as an enjoyable experience at all its many possible stages. 

These are suggestions, you can benefit from them if you can practice them strictly. However whatever what works for you to strengthen the bond in your marriage is ok. 

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