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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Having a small member is not a problem. (Mature minds only)

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Guys find it difficult admitting having a small penis. Despite the plethora of sex tips for men on all topics, dealing with a lesser endowment can be a challenge. Appropriate penis care can make a lot of difference in the lives of men who think they lack a monster-sized appendage in their trousers.
Is it really small?
Does a man really have a small penis? For example, for years men have been told that the average penis size when erect is 6 inches. Yet a recent study found that the actual average erect penis is just less than 5.2 inches. So many men who may have cursed nature for not hitting the 6-inch mark on the ruler may in fact have been average all these years.

But there's also a need to look at what "small" really means. If it's simply a comparison between one man and another, then a penis that is, say, 4.5 inches may indeed appear small. However, if the criterion is whether the penis provides adequate sexual satisfaction to a partner, then size becomes less relevant. There are plenty of men with penises of 4 inches or smaller who are quite capable of bringing their partners to orgasm on a regular basis.
These tips will help a man who feels he is fairly small down there to perform his manly duty very well.
Sex tips
Be confident. Life in general, a man is never defined by his size the same with the size of his penis on bed. The qualities a man has to embark on sexual act are what count most. He has to feel good about himself and what he can offer to the sexual life of the relationship he is into. This is where his confidence and skills matter. Confidence is the best aphrodisiac- for both men and women.
 Up your foreplay. A man who is more concerned of satisfying his woman gives proper attention to foreplay of all sorts: hugging, kissing, caressing, messaging and speaking tender words, to start. There should also be a focus on physical attention on the vagina and breasts (both are sensitive). Each of these foreplay moves should be performed with care and attention. She needs to feel you cherish these parts of her body.
Choose positions carefully. A long penis is not necessary to hit the G-spot of a vagina which is one of the most sensitive parts as it is within 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina. However, some positions are more suitable for a man with a small member and finding the ones that work best for an individual can take some practice. Man-on-top positions are often the preferred choice; these work best when the woman either bends her knees toward her chest or when the man lifts her legs in the air and holds them in a V-shape. Sometimes a woman-on-top position is a better option, as it allows the woman to have greater control over which part of her vagina is receiving stimulation.
Switch positions as needed. Men of any size often find that switching positions during intercourse can prolong the amount of time they last.
It’s your world as a couple, be confident, explore and do what works for you. The ultimate goal is mutual pleasure.

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