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Sunday, September 13, 2015

How compatible are you?

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Although it is believed that love conquers all, there must be some common threads connecting partners in a relationship to make it a success. Relationship compatibility cannot be overemphasised. Relationship compatibility is all about determining whether two people are harmonious in a relationship. Relationship compatibility is very important. The below factors can influence your relationship.
Beliefs and Ideologies
This is a very common problem when it comes to relationship compatibility. If your beliefs and ideologies are not in sync then having a great relationship will be difficult. You can’t tell me that you will be good to go if you believe in polygamy while she does not. One believing in God and the other person being an atheist might pose a great challenge to the relationship.
Future Goals in Life
It has nothing to do with the amount of money you want to make as a couple. It may be about the type of job you do or the career you are pursuing. For example, some women will never feel comfortable with a boxer even if he makes a lot of money. Sometimes things like how many kids you would like to have or where you would like to live in the future might be an issue. A partner who will like to go globetrotting and the one who prefers one place in an enclosed space to prevent their kids from running into the street may suffer low compatibility. The chances of the two succeeding in a long-term relationship are low.
Compatibility in Bed
Sex occupies a very big space in the room when it comes to the chances of a relationship’s success or failure. You may have a gargantuan problem if you and your partner don’t speak the same sex language. For example, if he likes aggressive sex and it is by all means not your cup of tea, then you are in a tight spot. You will be faced with the decision of never enjoying sex, not having sex or leaving the relationship.  The advice of most relationship therapists about spicing up your sex life will become void if you are not compatible like the case above.
The question now is how compatible are you? You may like to find out.

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