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Monday, February 22, 2016

Sexual Abstinence Benefits

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With that one special person, you will be connected like this

Some see having sex with different people as adventure and fun forgetting the dangers associated with it that can ruin one’s life. Some believe it’s not that ordinary as it seems there is also the spiritual aspect merging your spirit with the other creating another type of bond. But yet you see people engage in casual sex like their daily regular intake of water. The truth is that there are lots of benefits from abstinence. Surely some can’t control their urge; they feel is having fun, experimenting and what have you, actually there is a very unique category that chooses the life style of abstinence because they were brought up through discipline or aware of the benefits of not having sex until the appropriate time. Let’s look at what you stand to gain from abstinence.

1.    No issue of unplanned pregnancies. Really, abstinence is the only 100% effective method of birth control. You can’t get pregnant without having sex. I don’t think such miracle is obtainable in this sinful world for those who believe in miracle. Let’s face it; the people who may engage in dirty-dirty stuff are not the ones you would want as a father or mother to your children. Deciding to become intimate with someone means acceptance of whatever consequence, which could be a baby. I’m not saying that the baby part is bad, but will you be ok he/she was part of the process especially when they are not really interested. Are you emotionally and financially stable to carry on alone? It’s a fact that being a parent means you will forever be tied to someone with whom you both produced that baby; that one night stand or what you may have seen as catching fun. I think having sex, love making and all that is involved is worth doing with someone you trust not with your naked body alone which obviously you have been doing, I mean trust to potentially be a parent to your child and consequently be in your life for real and always. It just seems that the best person to have sex with is a spouse or someone you really want to spend the rest of your life with not just anybody.

2.    You can protect yourself to some certain level during intercourse with condoms, but how safe are you 100%, so ABSITNENCE is the sure way to protect yourself from all those unwanted rashes, warts, itches and unpleasant fluids in the private part.  You will have no STDs from ABSTINENCE. Come to think of it, those you have been having sex with or intend having, do you know their disease history or past sexual infections. I don’t think people ask this question either, it might look offensive to the one asked. How will you respond when someone tells you before sex that he/she had been treated of syphilis, I bet, you will not like to ‘go down’ with them thinking that the syphilis might still be there? But there was the possibility that the person you slept with last night might have suffered one venereal disease or the other or currently with HIV. It is safer to keep your member in your pant or short for now and you won’t have to worry about painful warts and other dangerous infections.
3.    You won’t be seen as a slut or womaniser. Some are confirmed a slut or some sort when they have done it with some quantity, some will say, may be 10, 20, etc. It depends on who is looking at it. Once you keep sampling, the number as well will continue to soar. At a point you will no longer be proud of the number of people who have seen you naked. It’s not cool that you have slept with a lot of people to the extent that your future kids might even get to know about such trysts later on.  Loose tongues (kiss and tell) and persons with low mentality will have good laughs with their friends about their sexual escapade with you. Some might even go to the extent of making jest of your member. For example, how do other people get to know, when the madam of a house starts cheating on her husband with their gateman? The man at the gate who sees it as an achievement must have been talking. Believe me, most of them talk. On investigation, I have seen people in this category tell it around even when the madam never knows that people around her know and discuss it.
4.    Less maintenance. No worrying so much about how you shape the hairs down there, you know what I mean, might be librating to some people. Don’t get me wrong, you need to be neat whether shaved or not. Sometimes ideas and expectations that come with sex make it difficult not to be judged. Something like “he/she has a bushy member, I would have loved it shaved” or “He/she is smooth like a new born baby down there, it’s not sexy”. They say ‘different folks with different strokes’. Being the only one who sees yourself naked might be reassuring until you meet someone who believes in your package.
5.    Yea, your unused goods will be for the lucky winner. Truth be told, we all prefer something brand new so why would anyone on realisation go for something that has been battered over time or gone into several places. Actually you don’t know what they have deposited in there or taken in. A new dress is certainly better than a second hand dress. Don’t you think your member is better for not being banged or at least severally by different folks out there? It is. Through abstinence you will have the best kind of body that you will reward that one special someone who will be your lucky winner. Sex is better when it’s part of a meaningful and committed relationship. Being able to present your innocent body to someone you feel deserves it is a wonderful feeling. Some, on the realisation of the benefits of abstinence that started saving their package for the special someone even wished they had saved that first kiss for him or her; don’t give away something as big as sex so easily because someone in the future will appreciate it more than the one who comes around, samples you and leaves after sometime.

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