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Monday, February 1, 2016

When a man pulls away fast after he seemed to have fallen in love

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The question the majority of women may have asked themselves at least once in their life is why men pull away fast after falling in love. A casual encounter turns into a whirlwind romance filled with passion and excitement. You begin to envision a wonderful life ahead with endless potential and possibilities. And before you know it the storm clouds start gathering to the point that the relationship loses its shine and eventually crashes.

Intuitively, she perceives the distance between her and the man but fails to understand that her emotional reaction is clouding her judgement that something is actually wrong but this she waves away as worry over nothing. She falsely hopes that there is nothing wrong and there will come excitement once again into the relationship.

Consequently reality sets in with obvious signs. He doesn’t return her calls quickly anymore. The time spent together now competes with friends and social activities. Intimacy starts to dwindle to the point of disappearance and the talk of future plans is gone.

What follows next will be so pathetic. An icy cold wind that chills her to the bone leaving her feeling used and neglected now replaces that wonderful feeling she used to have in her stomach wondering if she will ever experience the true bond of love with any man. You don’t have to lose hope because you can still find that true bond. You have to sit down to review what actually went wrong; why it came fast and went that way to forestall a repetition the next time you fall in love.

Falling in love with the wrong person might have been one of the reasons it came fast and ended fast. He didn’t actually fall in love with you even though it seemed so. If you can reflect back, even when your heart was giving an alarm, you ignored the signal. Infatuation and lust can mimic love but can never be love. But when your heart communicates to you about the right person there is the 100% chance that he will stay especially if there are signs that he is equally deep in love with you. And this can be authenticated with patience. Some actually want to sample, never had deep feeling or whatsoever connection. If they succeed you will be wasting time chasing shadows thereby leaving you devastated. You will like “what about all these gifts, spending and always coming around. I thought he loves me”. The truth is that he is just there for a purpose; to have a taste. He is willing to spend for it. It was never meant to last. He believes he has paid for it, so if you have decided to fall in love in the process, you are on your own.

There may be a multitude of other reasons why a man will come around and end it fast. A relationship can be a difficult journey and complicated. Real love comes from the heart. If you find peace when he is around or hearing his voice alone excites and motivates you, he surely could be the one. If he equally shows interest, go with the flow, don’t disrespect or take him for granted in order not to ruin the chance. Any one that motivates you can take you to the peak and both of you will surely find favour. What else could be better? Being careful is not the same as suspicion resulting from what you have heard from friends or other people. Such suspicion can lead to misunderstanding and being touchy and paranoiac. If you take your time you should be able to decipher a wrong relationship from the onset to avoid drama and subsequent heartache. 

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